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Work with Brandmela to reach real people, affect lives and scale your brand in the real world, with boundless audacity and meticulously crafted campaigns

The History.

The conception of our essence in 1994 was laid by the founder, Santosh Menon, who with his ideals and ideas redefined how brands would advertise and market themselves throughout the nation.

We constructed a lifesize titanic

A piece of history.

took on market leaders

And won.

Orchestrated Change.

We were at the core of everything out of bounds, everything larger than life, and everything that in the true sense of the word – impacted. From pioneering road shows in India, even erecting a life size Titanic on the roads of Delhi to promote the movie premiere to notching up the Vim bar challenge with the biggest utensil seen, we’ve been at the forefront of change, bringing and affecting it.

Battles won.

What is history without war? We helped brands take on competitors and beat them, in outright knockouts. We helped Vodafone reach millions of people in remote areas and Samsung take on Nokia, it’s been a journey worth recounting, sharing and building onto. Join us!

The Services.

Brandmela aims to build brands, enable product life cycle development, facilitate distribution and customer experience through an optimal mix of marketing tools that ultimately impact purchase decisions, enhance brand value and inspire brand loyalty.

Quality is Timeless.

Embrace sheer quality of service today

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Brandmela SPO

Avani Mahendra

Executive Director, Head of Communications ; India GSC, JP Morgan

Thank you for being a great partner

Lokman Li

Corporate Meetings & Events, Asia Pacific, JP Morgan Hong Kong

Thank you to you and your team for another successful event in Mumbai last week. The quality of the set and staging and tech hub were very good and your team were as professional and helpful as always.

Sujit Kumar Sahoo

ISP Programme, Vodafone

My views on the agency, is that they have been very proactive and supportive in handling the project. During the interim period, the agency has stepped up quite admirably to support the entire project. I am confident, brandmela is our partner in this project rather than just being an agency on a day to day basis.

Viki Shah

GSS Operations, JP Morgan

We would like to extend heartfelt thank you for the efforts and support extended for both the events at Mumbai and Bangalore. It was flawless and the team was highly proactive.

The Portfolio.

We take pride in our portfolio, it encompasses leaders across all industries and we’ve been privileged as the instruments that we have been and will be

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